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Pen to Paper: CONSUME! (P22)

Presented below is a thought from me on writing, a quote from someone else on writing, an excerpt from that writer, and a discipline/habit to implement… 

We will be focusing on CONSUMING today.

A Thought

“What we put down on paper often springs from the seeds of inspiration sown by others.” 

– Austin Alford

A Quote

“We aren’t writers, but gleeful rearrangers of words whose meanings we can’t begin to know.”

– Andrew Peterson (Author of the Wing Feather Saga

An Excerpt

An excerpt from the Wing Feather Saga: Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson

“Kalmar nodded. “I’m sorry, Papa. I wasn’t strong enough.”
“None of us are, lad. Me least of all.” Esben smiled and took a rattling breath. “But it’s weakness that the Maker turns to strength. Your fur is why you alone loved a dying cloven. You alone in all the world knew my need and ministered to my wounds.” Esben pulled Kalmar closer and kissed him on the head. “And in my weakness, I alone know your need. Hear me, son. I loved you when you were born. I loved you when I wept in the Deeps of Throg. I loved you even as you sang the song that broke you. And I love you now in the glory of your humility. You’re more fit to be the king than I ever was. Do you understand?”
Kalmar shook his head.
Esben smiled and shuddered with pain. “A good answer, my boy. Then do you believe that I love you?”
“Yes, sir. I believe you.” Kalmar buried his face in his father’s fur.
“Remember that in the days to come. Nia, Janner, Leeli – help him to remember.”

A Discipline/Habit to Implement

Consume! What does that mean, you ask?

As writers, we’ll keep expanding our knowledge by devouring the works of others.

We’ll discover what not to do, what resonates with readers, and even uncover new writing techniques we never even dreamt of.

In the upcoming year, I’m challenging myself to devour 32 books. Who’s up for a reading goal? 

Put Pen to Paper this week and have fun!

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